About MH Gaddah

The company

MH Al Qaddah, is a leading company in the production and manufacturing of high-quality lubricants, base oils and oil derivatives in the United Arab Emirates. Headquartered in Dubai, the group is engaged in several businesses including import/export, retail, wholesale and manufacturing of industrial lubricants, motor oils and greases. MH Al Gaddah distributes to markets across the Middle East and Africa, with our LION brand reaching consumers in over 30 countries

Our group enjoys a strong market position in this sector and operates a successful service business with a wide network of distributors and a long list of clients spread across Africa, Eastern Europe and the Middle East..

Vision & Mission


MH AL GADDAH group seeks a high standard of performance maintaining a strong long term and growing position in the competitive environment in which we choose to operate.


MH AL GADDAH aims to become globally recognized manufacturer of high quality lubricants and make the RIO GATEX brand synonymous with reliability & excellence

Core Values

MH AL GADDAH aims to build-up relevant technology, scientific knowledge and expertise in the area of manufacturing of quality product at competitive rates.

Optimize available resources for the growth of the company and generate maximum legitimate profit Continue and expand research and development activities in the direction of manufacturing environment friendly product.